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“Thank you to Michael and Joann for being so kind, caring and patient. Thank you for the explanation of the process and caring enough to ask which steps in the process we actually wanted to witness. Thank you Joann for your caring heartfelt words”
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“I knew I wanted a cremation for my dog but most places are expensive. Here the price was affordable, but what stood out the most was there service. They treated my dog like she was a real person and for that I will forever be thankful. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants the best for there little fur friends when the time comes”
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“Thank you Joanne, Kathy and Houston Pet Cremation Services team for your kindness and professionlism with the recent passing of my sweet Arabella. Although we are saddened with her passing, we are overjoyed that we had over 11 years with her before God needed her back”
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Our beloved dog died last week and we were heart broken. Our vet told us a place was to pick it up and then we’d get him back a week later. I started doing internet searches and found a couple of websites. One being this one. I saw that they had a service for private cremation. I called our vet to ask which place they were using and they called me back and we found out it was this company. They arranged a private cremation for us on Monday 21st. We arrived and everyone was nice and polite. The process was smooth and we were able to pick out an Urn that we wanted our beloved pet in. We were able to say goodbye to our pet before he was cremated. We’ve never done anything like this, but I’d recommend it. We were able to bring our beloved pet home with us the same day. Very professional people at this company. Top notch service and I highly recommend them. Thank you for allowing us to be with our pet yesterday and for the great service.
– P.A., League City, TX

If you do not mind delivering your pet to them between 9 am and 5 pm, they are very helpful and kind. I thought maybe their “$75 and up” was a loss leader for a gerbil or something and they would quote me a high price, but no, my dog weighed 40 pounds and the price was $100, which is fair. $130 got the ashes returned to me in a complimentary urn (tin can). Better urns were $20 and up, all quite reasonable. They were very reasonable. I would do this any day over paying inflated vet prices.
– Michael R, Woodway, TX

My sisters dog of 12+ years died and they came to pick him up. A woman named Claudia helped us. She was nice and gave us all the information. I was a little nervous because they take your payment information over the phone before picking him up, but they email a receipt. (All the good reviews made me feel safe about giving my card info.) Four days later I called and he was ready for pick up. (They won’t call you to tell you, they assure your pet will be ready in 4 days). There was just a slight misunderstanding with what urn we wanted and we got a different one. But when I went to pick him up I spoke to Joann and she was so nice, she called Claudia and they apologized a million times. They offered to change the urn and just wanted us to be happy. My sister decided to keep the little box they gave him in because it had his name very nicely engraved at the top and she said she liked it. Claudia text me to apologize once again and wanted to make sure we were happy so that was nice of her. Joann was such a sweetheart. Very compassionate and caring. She makes little gifts for you as a memory of your pet. They were genuinely interested in giving us the best service they could and therefore I believe they deserve the 5 stars despite the misunderstanding. We also got his paw imprinted separately. My sister cried when she saw everything. Thank you again. I hope we don’t have to come here any time soon but if we ever need this service for another pet we will return.
– Bonnie G, TX

Last year, we found the business online after our rabbit passed away at home, and barely knew anyone since we had just moved to Houston. We had such a great experience that when our cat had to be put down, I knew I wanted to take her myself to be cremated at the same place, because everyone had been so empathetic and respectful regarding our minilop.
– Beth B., Houston, TX

My cat Zelda passed away in 2019 and they made us feel so comfortable leaving her there to be cremated. They were so kind and caring. I was able to choose an urn and a keepsake for my husband and I. We miss her so much.
– Luisa Q., Houston, TX

Thank you to Michael and Joann for being so kind, caring and patient. Thank you for the explanation of the process and caring enough to ask which steps in the process we actually wanted to witness. Thank you Joann for your caring heartfelt words. This was a surprise to me to have to search for this service so barely a month of moving out here and all the stress I have been under and not knowing the area or other people for help. I searched and found so many 5 stars and I feel that every star was earned.
– Pam H., Moorpark, CA

I am sure that the process of cremation is pretty much a standard. That said, the difference lies within the people providing the service. I highly recommend the services of Houston Pet Cremation because of Joann Leon. The sensitivity, kindness, compassion, and empathy given to me made a very bad day a little better. If you are reading this review you are looking for answers. Ask for Joann and you won’t be disappointed.
– Adam C., Houston, TX

My sweet boy of 9 years passed New Year’s Day. I originally planned on taking my boy in to the vet to pass peacefully and they would also handle the cremation. But he passed before our appointment date. Sobbing I called my vet who told me they would be open New Year’s Day, but no one answered. My friend googled a couple places close to me and I decided to go with Houston Pet Cremation…
– Francesca-Anne